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Website Statistics: The Top 50 Most Read JOE Articles of 2018

The following 50 articles were the most viewed JOE articles between January 1 and December 31 of 2018. We offer this list as an indicator of trends in reader interest. It says a lot about the degree of interest people from around the world have in some of the topics discussed in JOE articles.

Bear in mind this list is not a reflection on the quality of the JOE articles that "made the list" as opposed to those that didn't. This list may be influenced by several factors (including the commonness of key phrases contained in a page and the length of time a page has been available online), and we caution against over interpretation.

  1. Analyzing Likert Data
    Boone Jr., Harry N.; Boone, Deborah A.
    Issue: 2012 April
    No. of Views: 34,622
    2017 Rank: 2 (+1)

  2. Understanding Employee Motivation
    Lindner, James R.
    Issue: 1998 June
    No. of Views: 30,379
    2017 Rank: 8 (+6)

  3. Empowerment: What Is It?
    Page, Nanette; Czuba, Cheryl E.
    Issue: 1999 October
    No. of Views: 23,790
    2017 Rank: 3 (Unchanged)

  4. Keys to Successful Mentoring Relationships
    Byington, Teresa
    Issue: 2010 December
    No. of Views: 21,559
    2017 Rank: 5 (+1)

  5. Cronbach's Alpha: A Tool for Assessing the Reliability of Scales
    Santos, J. Reynaldo A.
    Issue: 1999 April
    No. of Views: 20,398
    2017 Rank: 11 (+6)

  6. Financial Simulations for Young Adults: Making the Real World" Real"
    O'Neill, Barbara
    Issue: 2008 December
    No. of Views: 18,255
    2017 Rank: 6 (Unchanged)

  7. Youth Involvement in Community Development: Implications and Possibilities for Extension
    Brennan, M. A.; Barnett, Rosemary V.; Baugh, Eboni
    Issue: 2007 August
    No. of Views: 17,768
    2017 Rank: 9 (+2)

  8. A 10-Step Process for Environmental Scanning
    Guion, Lisa A.
    Issue: 2010 August
    No. of Views: 16,989
    2017 Rank: 10 (+2)

  9. The Value Orientations Method: A Tool to Help Understand Cultural Differences
    Gallagher, Tom
    Issue: 2001 December
    No. of Views: 15,733
    2017 Rank: 7 (-2)

  10. Tips for Developing and Testing Questionnaires/Instruments
    Radhakrishna, Rama B.
    Issue: 2007 February
    No. of Views: 14,499
    2017 Rank: 4 (-6)

  11. Factors Influencing Career Choices of Adolescents and Young Adults in Rural Pennsylvania
    Ferry, Natalie M.
    Issue: 2006 June
    No. of Views: 13,925
    2017 Rank: 1 (-10)

  12. Training and the Needs of Adult Learners
    Ota, Carrie; DiCarlo, Cynthia F.; Burts, Diane C.; Laird, Robert; Gioe, Cheri
    Issue: 2006 December
    No. of Views: 11,136
    2017 Rank: 12 (Unchanged)

  13. GIS, GPS, and Remote Sensing Technologies in Extension Services: Where to Start, What to Know
    Milla, Katherine A.; Lorenzo, Alfredo; Brown, Cynthia
    Issue: 2005 June
    No. of Views: 9,327
    2017 Rank: 15 (+2)

  14. Calibration of Boom Sprayers Using Charts to Reduce Math Calculations
    Beard, F. Richard; Deer, Howard
    Issue: 2001 February
    No. of Views: 8,989
    2017 Rank: 14 (Unchanged)

  15. A Review and Critique of 16 Major Parent Education Programs
    Collins, Christina L.; Fetsch, Robert J.
    Issue: 2012 August
    No. of Views: 8,802
    2017 Rank: 16 (+1)

  16. NEW Promoting Economic Development with Tourism in Rural Communities: Destination Image and Motivation to Return or Recommend
    Akin, Heather; Shaw, Bret R.; Spartz, James T.
    Issue: 2015 April
    No. of Views: 8,549
    2017 Rank: Unranked

  17. Nominal Group Technique: An Alternative to Brainstorming
    Sample, John A.
    Issue: 1984 March
    No. of Views: 7,945
    2017 Rank: 18 (+1)

  18. Barriers to a Healthy Lifestyle: From Individuals to Public Policy—An Ecological Perspective
    Fitzgerald, Nurgul; Spaccarotella, Kim
    Issue: 2009 February
    No. of Views: 7,027
    2017 Rank: 13 (-5)

  19. Assessing Program Implementation: What It Is, Why It's Important, and How to Do It
    Duerden, Mat D.; Witt, Peter A.
    Issue: 2012 February
    No. of Views: 6,300
    2017 Rank: 19 (Unchanged)

  20. Tools to Help Horse Owners Deal with Muddy High-Traffic Areas
    Greene, Elizabeth A.
    Issue: 2007 December
    No. of Views: 6,257
    2017 Rank: 22 (+2)

  21. Detergent Considerations for Consumers: Laundering in Hard Water—How Much Extra Detergent Is Required?
    Cameron, Bruce A.
    Issue: 2011 August
    No. of Views: 6,120
    2017 Rank: 27 (+6)

  22. Behavior Change Strategies for Successful Long-Term Weight Loss: Focusing on Dietary and Physical Activity Adherence, Not Weight Loss
    Hongu, Nobuko; Kataura, Martha P.; Block, Linda M.
    Issue: 2011 February
    No. of Views: 5,191
    2017 Rank: 20 (-2)

  23. The Meaning of Aging
    Chen, Nina
    Issue: 2001 December
    No. of Views: 5,145
    2017 Rank: 25 (+2)

  24. Small Businesses and the Community: Their Role and Importance Within a State's Economy
    Muske, Glenn; Woods, Michael; Swinney, Jane; Khoo, Chia-Ling
    Issue: 2007 February
    No. of Views: 5,028
    2017 Rank: 21 (-3)

  25. ABC's of Behavioral Objectives--Putting Them to Work for Evaluation
    Boone, Harry N., Jr.: Boone, Deborah A.
    Issue: 2005 October
    No. of Views: 5,005
    2017 Rank: 17 (-8)

  26. NEW The Risk Matrix: Illustrating the Importance of Risk Management Strategies
    Alexander; Corinne; Marshall, Maria I.
    Issue: 2006 April
    No. of Views: 4,532
    2017 Rank: Unranked

  27. Pre- and Post-Testing with More Impact
    La Barge, Greg
    Issue: 2007 December
    No. of Views: 4,430
    2017 Rank: 29 (+2)

  28. What Are the Economic Costs and Benefits of Home Vegetable Gardens?
    Langellotto, Gail Ann
    Issue: 2014 April
    No. of Views: 4,285
    2017 Rank: 45 (+17)

  29. An Organizational Culture Assessment Using the Competing Values Framework: A Profile of Ohio State University Extension
    Berrio, Angel A.
    Issue: 2003 April
    No. of Views: 4,273
    2017 Rank: 24 (-5)

  30. Ecological Principles—A Unifying Theme in Environmental Education
    Mengak, Michael T.; Rutledge, Holly E.; McDonald, Barbara
    Issue: 2009 October
    No. of Views: 4,213
    2017 Rank: 26 (-4)

  31. NEW Sustainable Farm Tourism: Understanding and Managing Environmental Impacts of Visitor Activities
    Kline, Carol; Cardenas, David; Leung, Yu-Fai; Sanders, Stacy
    Issue: 2007 April
    No. of Views: 4,142
    2017 Rank: Unranked

  32. NEW Opportunities and Challenges for Land Use Planning in the Intermountain West
    McLeod, Donald; Coupal, Roger; Seidl, Andrew; Inman, Katherine; Taylor, David
    Issue: 2003 October
    No. of Views: 4,079
    2017 Rank: Unranked

  33. Serving Dual-Career Families: Problem or Opportunity?
    Hester, Susan B.; Dickerson, Kitty G.
    Issue: 1984 July
    No. of Views: 3,900
    2017 Rank: 28 (-5)

  34. Principles of Effective Behavior Change: Application to Extension Family Educational Programming
    Pratt, Clara; Bowman, Sally
    Issue: 2008 October
    No. of Views: 3,753
    2017 Rank: 39 (+5)

  35. The Influence of Different Tomato Varieties on Acidity as It Relates to Home Canning
    Heflebower, Rick; Washburn, Carolyn
    Issue: 2010 December
    No. of Views: 3,545
    2017 Rank: 38 (+3)

  36. Understanding the Role of Culture and Heritage in Community Festivals: An Importance-Performance Analysis
    C. Hugo, Nichole; Lacher, R Geoffrey
    Issue: 2014 October
    No. of Views: 3,470
    2017 Rank: 44 (+8)

  37. Using Speed Dating Techniques to Enliven and Improve Conferences and Workshops
    Lev, Larry
    Issue: 2003 April
    No. of Views: 3,442
    2017 Rank: 46 (+9)

  38. NEW Ensuring Data Quality in Extension Research and Evaluation Studies
    Radhakrishna, Rama; Tobin, Daniel; Daniel Brennan, Daniel; Thomson, Joan
    Issue: 2012 June
    No. of Views: 3,399
    2017 Rank: Unranked

  39. Assessing Your Collaboration: A Self Evaluation Tool
    Borden, Lynne M., Perkins, Daniel F.
    Issue: 1999 April
    No. of Views: 3,185
    2017 Rank: 33 (-6)

  40. Strategies for Generalizing Findings in Survey Research
    Radhakrishna, Rama; Doamekpor, Prosper
    Issue: 2008 April
    No. of Views: 3,163
    2017 Rank: 31 (-9)

  41. Challenges to Diversity from an African-American Perspective
    McCray, Jacquelyn W.
    Issue: 1994 June
    No. of Views: 3,101
    2017 Rank: 37 (-4)

  42. Creative Teaching: Simulations, Games, and Role Playing
    Karen DeBord
    Issue: 1989 Summer
    No. of Views: 3,068
    2017 Rank: 23 (-19)

  43. NEW Collecting Research Data Online: Implications for Extension Professionals
    O'Neill, Barbara
    Issue: 2004 June
    No. of Views: 3,035
    2017 Rank: Unranked

  44. Maintaining Healthy Boundaries When Working with At-Risk Audiences
    Torretta, Alayne
    Issue: 2004 December
    No. of Views: 3,031
    2017 Rank: 32 (-12)

  45. A Population at Risk: Youth Aging Out" of the Foster Care System and Implications for Extension"
    Baugh, Eboni J.
    Issue: 2008 August
    No. of Views: 2,943
    2017 Rank: 30 (-15)

  46. NEW Extension Is Not Just Service, But Service Learning Is Important to Extension
    Simpson, Greg
    Issue: 1998 October
    No. of Views: 2,856
    2017 Rank: Unranked

  47. Getting the Most Out of Multiple Response Questions
    Santos, J. Reynaldo A.
    Issue: 2000 June
    No. of Views: 2,828
    2017 Rank: 34 (-13)

  48. NEW Exploring Tribal Leadership: Understanding and Working with Tribal People
    Hart, Jeff G.
    Issue: 2006 August
    No. of Views: 2,740
    2017 Rank: Unranked

  49. NEW A Farm Demonstrations Method for Estimating Cotton Yield in the Field for Use by Extension Agents and Specialists
    Goodman, Bob; Monks, C. Dale
    Issue: 2003 December
    No. of Views: 2,707
    2017 Rank: Unranked

  50. Comparison of the LEGO Mindstorms NXT and EV3 Robotics Education Platforms
    Sherrard, Ann; Rhodes, Amy
    Issue: 2014 October
    No. of Views: 2,680
    2017 Rank: 35 (-15)