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Website Statistics: The Top 50 Most Read JOE Articles of 2011

The following 50 articles were the most viewed JOE articles between January 1 and December 31 of 2011. We offer this list as an indicator of trends in reader interest. It says a lot about the degree of interest people from around the world have in some of the topics discussed in JOE articles.

Bear in mind this list is not a reflection on the quality of the JOE articles that "made the list" as opposed to those that didn't. This list may be influenced by several factors (including the commonness of key phrases contained in a page and the length of time a page has been available online), and we caution against over interpretation.

  1. Understanding Employee Motivation
    James R. Lindner (Ohio State University)
    Issue: 1998 June
    No. of Views: 63,137
    2010 Rank: 1 (+0)

  2. Empowerment: What is it
    Nanette Page, Cheryl E. Czuba (University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension System)
    Issue: 1999 October
    No. of Views: 54,122
    2010 Rank: 2 (+0)

  3. Cronbach's Alpha: A Tool for Assessing the Reliability of Scales
    J. Reynaldo A. Santos (Texas A&M University)
    Issue: 1999 April
    No. of Views: 33,927
    2010 Rank: 3 (+0)

  4. An Organizational Culture Assessment Using the Competing Values Framework: A Profile of Ohio State University Extension
    Angel a. Berrio (National Institute for Agricultural Research, Maracay Venezuela)
    Issue: 2003 April
    No. of Views: 15,490
    2010 Rank: 5 (+1)

  5. Pots, Pans, and Kitchen Equipment: Do Low-Income Clients Have Adequate Tools for Cooking?
    Patti Landers, Cheryl Shults (University of Oklahoma)
    Issue: 2008 February
    No. of Views: 12,606
    2010 Rank: 42 (+37)

  6. The Value Orientations Method: A Tool to Help Understand Cultural Differences
    Tom Gallagher (Oregon State University Extension Service)
    Issue: 2001 December
    No. of Views: 11,740
    2010 Rank: 6 (+0)

  7. The Risk Matrix: Illustrating the Importance of Risk Management Strategies
    Corinne Alexander, Maria I. Marshall (Purdue University)
    Issue: 2006 April
    No. of Views: 9,911
    2010 Rank: 11 (+4)

  8. What's Relationship Marketing?
    Bruce DeYoung (Oregon State University)
    Issue: 1988 Fall
    No. of Views: 9,493
    2010 Rank: 4 (-4)

  9. Nominal Group Technique: An Alternative to Brainstorming
    John A. Sample (Florida State University)
    Issue: 1984 March
    No. of Views: 9,346
    2010 Rank: 7 (-2)

  10. Creative Teaching: Simulations, Games, and Role Playing
    Karen DeBord (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University-Blacksburg)
    Issue: 1989 Summer
    No. of Views: 9,125
    2010 Rank: 10 (+0)

  11. Factors Influencing Career Choices of Adolescents and Young Adults in Rural Pennsylvania
    Natalie M. Ferry (Penn State University)
    Issue: 2006 June
    No. of Views: 8,690
    2010 Rank: 14 (+3)

  12. Diamonds in the Rough: A Case Study of Team Development Across Disciplines, Distances, and Institutions
    Susan Fritz, Amy Boren, Valerie Egger (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
    Issue: 2005 October
    No. of Views: 8,080
    2010 Rank: 24 (+12)

  13. Tips for Developing and Testing Questionnaires/Instruments
    Rama B. Radhakrishna (The Pennsylvania State University)
    Issue: 2007 February
    No. of Views: 7,657
    2010 Rank: 17 (+4)

  14. Are You Experiencing Burnout?
    O. Chris Igodan (Federal College of Education-Nigeria), L. H. Newcomb (Ohio State University)
    Issue: 1986 Spring
    No. of Views: 6,785
    2010 Rank: 9 (-5)

  15. Refining Performance Appraisal
    Thomas F. Patterson (University of Vermont-Burlington)
    Issue: 1987 Winter
    No. of Views: 6,722
    2010 Rank: 15 (+0)

  16. How to Create and Use an Interactive PowerPoint Quiz Game
    Barbara O'Neil (Rutgers)
    Issue: 2003 April
    No. of Views: 6,715
    2010 Rank: 8 (-8)

  17. Risk Factors Affecting High School Drop Out Rates and 4-H Teen Program Planning
    Alexa Lamm, Amy Harder, Dennis Lamm, Herb Rose III, Glen Rask (Colorado State University)
    Issue: 2005 August
    No. of Views: 6,459
    2010 Rank: 13 (-4)

  18. A Model of Employee Satisfaction: Gender Differences in Cooperative Extension
    Richard P. Vlosky, Fransisco X. Aguilar (Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, University of Missouri)
    Issue: 2009 April
    No. of Views: 5,626
    2010 Rank: 27 (+9)

  19. GIS and GPS Emergency Response Lessons Learned from the Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster
    Stephen C. Brown, Shannon Crum, V. Stuart Foote (University of Texas at San Antonio)
    Issue: 2003 August
    No. of Views: 5,592
    2010 Rank: 43 (+24)

  20. Post-Then-Pre Evaluation
    S. Kay Rockwell, Harriet Kohn (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
    Issue: 1989 Summer
    No. of Views: 5,587
    2010 Rank: 12 (-8)

  21. Assessing Your Collaboration: A Self Evaluation Tool
    Lynne M. Borden (Ohio State University), Daniel F. Perkins (University of Florida)
    Issue: 1999 April
    No. of Views: 5,549
    2010 Rank: 16 (-5)

  22. Training and the Needs of Adult Learners
    Carrie Ota, Cynthia F. DiCarlo, Diane C. Burts, Robert Laird, Cheri Gioe (Louisiana State University)
    Issue: 2006 December
    No. of Views: 5,539
    2010 Rank: 18 (+4)

  23. Teleconferencing
    Randall G. Rogan (Cornell), Gary A. Simmons (Michigan State)
    Issue: 1984 September
    No. of Views: 5,006
    2010 Rank: 21 (-2)

  24. Serving Dual-Career Families: Problem or Opportunity
    Susan B. Hester (Cornell University), Kitty G. Dickerson (University of Missouri-Columbia)
    Issue: 1984 July
    No. of Views: 4,956
    2010 Rank: 22 (-2)

  25. Defining Your Customer Profile - An Essential Tool
    Martha Bazik, Dave Feltes (U. of Illinois)
    Issue: 1999 December
    No. of Views: 4,395
    2010 Rank: 19 (-6)

  26. Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs: Linking Research and Practice
    Marilyn J. Johns, Fe Moncloa, Elizabeth J. Gong (University of California Cooperative Extension)
    Issue: 2000 August
    No. of Views: 4,288
    2010 Rank: 20 (+6)

  27. Agent Performance and Customer Satisfaction
    Bryan D. Terry, Glenn D. Israel (University of Florida)
    Issue: 2004 December
    No. of Views: 4,141
    2010 Rank: 48 (+21)

  28. Using Diffusion of Innovation Concepts for Improved Program Evaluation
    William G. Hubbard, Lorilee R. Sandmann (University of Georgia)
    Issue: 2007 October
    No. of Views: 4,033
    2010 Rank: 29 (+1)

  29. Reducing the Spread if Infectious Disease Through Hand Washing
    Marcus M. Comer, Mohammad Ibrahim, Valerie Jarvis Mcmillan, Geissler G. Baker, Sonya G. Patterson (North Carolina A&T State University)
    Issue: 2009 February
    No. of Views: 3,927
    2010 Rank: 32 (+3)

  30. Red Carpet Service—Linking Rural Communities to Travelers and Tourists
    Cherl Burkhart-Kriesel (University of Nebraska - Lincoln), Connie Francis (University of Nebraska Rural Initiative)
    Issue: 2007 December
    No. of Views: 3,860
    2010 Rank: 49 (+19)

  31. Characteristics of Effective Training: Developing a Model to Motivate Action
    Dena Wise, Patsy Ezell (University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service)
    Issue: 2003 April
    No. of Views: 3,508
    2010 Rank: 37 (+6)

  32. ABC's of Behavioral Objectives—Putting Them To Work for Evaluation
    Harry N. Boone, Jr, Deborah A. Boone (West Virginia University)
    Issue: 2005 October
    No. of Views: 3,431
    2010 Rank: 38 (+6)

  33. Using Research Methods to Evaluate Your Extension Program
    Keith G. Diem (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)
    Issue: 2002 December
    No. of Views: 3,413
    2010 Rank: 23 (-10)

  34. Culinary Herbs as Alternative Cash Crops for Small Scale Farmers in Southern Ohio
    Gary Gao, Brad Bergefurd (Ohio State University)
    Issue: 1998 December
    No. of Views: 3,328
    2010 Rank: 39 (+5)

  35. A Framework for 21st Century Leadership
    Lorilee R. Sandmann, Lela Vandenberg (Michigan State University)
    Issue: 1995 December
    No. of Views: 3,309
    2010 Rank: 26 (-9)

  36. NEW Barriers to a Healthy Lifestyle: From Individuals to Public Policy—An Ecological Perspective
    Nurgul Fitzgerald (Rutgers), Kim Spaccarotella (Kean University)
    Issue: 2009 February
    No. of Views: 3,263
    2010 Rank: Unranked

  37. NEW Leadership Styles of Agricultural Communications and Information Technology Managers: What Does the Competing Values Framework Tell Us About Them?
    Kimberly L. Parker (University of Vermont)
    Issue: 2004 February
    No. of Views: 3,181
    2010 Rank: Unranked

  38. Developing Life Skills in Youth
    Barry L. Boyd, Don R. Herring, Gary E. Briers (Texas A&M University-College Station)
    Issue: 1992 Winter
    No. of Views: 2,825
    2010 Rank: 45 (+7)

  39. NEW Beyond Knowledge: Guidelines for Effective Health Promotion Messages
    Joye C. Gordon (Kansas State University)
    Issue: 2002 December
    No. of Views: 2,818
    2010 Rank: Unranked

  40. NEW Begin With a Family Tree When Working with Family Finances
    Jim Polson (Ohio State University Extension)
    Issue: 2001 June
    No. of Views: 2,761
    2010 Rank: Unranked

  41. NEW Consensus Management Model for Families Caring for a Loved One with Dementia
    Robert J. Fetsch, Toni Schindler Zimmerman, Clifton F. Barber (Colorado State)
    Issue: 1999 December
    No. of Views: 2,722
    2010 Rank: Unranked

  42. NEW Everybody Wins: Involving Youth in Community Needs Assessment
    Glenn D. Israel (University of Florida), Thomas W. Ilvento (University of Kentucky)
    Issue: 1995 April
    No. of Views: 2,681
    2010 Rank: Unranked

  43. NEW The Meaning of Aging
    Nina Chen (University of Missouri Outreach and Extension)
    Issue: 2001 December
    No. of Views: 2,670
    2010 Rank: Unranked

  44. NEW Consumer Knowledge and Perceptions About Organic Food
    Carolyn Raab, Deana Grobe (Oregon State)
    Issue: 2005 August
    No. of Views: 2,621
    2010 Rank: Unranked

  45. Single-Parent Families
    Patricia Tanner Nelson (University of Delaware)
    Issue: 1986 Winter
    No. of Views: 2,613
    2010 Rank: 30 (-15)

  46. NEW Issues-Oriented Public Policy Education
    Alan J. Hahn (Cornell University)
    Issue: 1990 Spring
    No. of Views: 2,571
    2010 Rank: Unranked

  47. NEW Recipe Checklist: A Tool to Aid Development of Recipes for Audiences with Limited Resources
    Debra B. Reed (Texas A&M), Ellen Schuster (Oregon State University Extension Service)
    Issue: 2002 December
    No. of Views: 2,568
    2010 Rank: Unranked

  48. NEW The Craft of Cross-Cultural Engagement
    Craig A. Hassel (University of Minnesota)
    Issue: 2005 December
    No. of Views: 2,559
    2010 Rank: Unranked

  49. The Low-Income Single Parent
    Nancy Wells Gladow, Margaret P. Ray (Washington State University)
    Issue: 1984 September
    No. of Views: 2,518
    2010 Rank: 35 (-14)

  50. NEW To Bully-Proof or Not to Bully-Proof: That Is the Question
    Charles Go, Shelley Murdock (University of California Cooperative Extension)
    Issue: 2003 April
    No. of Views: 2,509
    2010 Rank: Unranked