Summer 1987 // Volume 25 // Number 2

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Editor's Page


The time has come to again express appreciation to the many people who have helped with the Journal in a volunteer leadership role. We extend our thanks to these people for their commitment in maintaining and improving the high standards of the Journal of Extension.

Editorial Committee

Members of the Editorial Committee devote many hours to the reviewing of manuscripts. Last year each 'committee member reviewed from two to six manuscripts per month. We thank the following who have completed their terms on the Editorial Committee: James Smith (Alabama), John Burbank (North Dakota), David Darling (Kansas), Jeanne Markell (Minnesota), Harold Spink (Michigan), Doyle Stocks (Montana), and Clinton Turner (Virginia).

Now, we'd like to welcome the new members of the Editorial Committee: Kirk Astroth, Extension specialist 4-H/youth, Chanute, Kansas
Henry Brooks, administrator and associate director for 1890 programs, Princess Anne, Maryland
H. Dennis Brown, Extension information specialist, Pullman, Washington
Barbara Cooper, assistant professor/agricultural education, Columbus, Ohio
Karen Goebel, associate professor and Extension specialist, Madison, Wisconsin
Douglas Parrett, assistant professor/Extension specialist, Urbana, Illinois
Kathy Rickart, county Extension director, Simla, Colorado
Suellen Scott, district home economist, Muskogee, Oklahoma
M. F. Smith, coordinator of Program Evaluation and Staff Development for Cooperative Education, College Park, Maryland
Paul Warner, assistant Extension director for Development and Training, Lexington, Kentucky.

Persons continuing to serve are: Julie Adamcin (Arizona), Roger Corbin (Texas), Marilyn Halusky (Florida), Jeanne Hogarth (New York), Tom Jurchak (Pennsylvania), Myrna Powell (Nebraska), Ellen Ritter (Texas), Janet Rodekohr (Georgia), Jo Ellen Saumier (New York), and Mark Settle (Iowa).

Editorial Committee Chairman

We would like to extend our special thanks to James Smith, who served as chairman for the Editorial Committee. Taking his place will be Ellen Ritter of College Station, Texas.

Research in Brief

A year ago, we made some changes in the Research in Brief section. We hope you've found these changes beneficial. Three new editors have been appointed. In the area of Organizational Management and Administration, we can look forward to reviews by Keith L. Smith, leader, Personnel Development, Columbus, Ohio. Kay Rockwell, evaluation specialist, Lincoln, Nebraska, will keep us informed about Communication and Delivery Systems.

For those of us interested in Program Development and Evaluation, Barbara A. White, Kellogg Fellow, Bozeman, Montana, will be keeping us up-to-date. These editors replace Don Boesch (Missouri), Richard Carlson (Missouri), and Corrine Rowe (Idaho). Bill Boldt (New York) will continue as Educational Marketing editor and Patricia Tanner Nelson (Delaware) as Human Behavior editor.

If you have reviews you'd like to contribute to these sections, send them to the editor of that section or me, the Journal editor. Reviews should be no longer than one page, double-spaced. Include the following information: (1) title, (2) date, (3) author, (4) cost and where to obtain copies, and (5) brief summary.

We'll continue to see articles by Michael Patton (Minnesota), Futures editor, and Steve Scheneman (Virginia), Tools of the Trade editor. Both would welcome your ideas. You can send items directly to them me.